Saturday, December 26, 2009

Baby Movie Time!

So, we've been pretty down because we haven't been able to go to any movies since TG was born.  And we LOVE our movies!  And then someone told us about a local theater that has a sweet program!  Every Tuesday, they allow parents to bring in their babies and small children for the first showing of any movie.  So, the Husband took off work for a little while and we went to the movies this past Tuesday!
We went to see Avatar (which was freakin' awesome!) and we accidentally saw it in 3D.  At first I was so, so upset, since I can't see anything in 3D with my monovision.  And then we got the fancy, dancy 3D glasses!  Woah, dude, 3D has certainly come a long way since the days of my youth.  Gone are the days of the ridiculous red and blue paper glasses!  This theater offered plastic, reusable glasses that, even with monovision, make the movie totally viewable!  Now, of course they couldn't make the movie 3D for me (which according to The Husband and Big D was AMAZING!) but it took away the weirdness of all the lines so that I was able to enjoy it like a regular movie!!  So, now it's possible for The Husband and Big D to go to 3D movies and for me to tag along!  Awesome possum. Technology is amazing.

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