Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sick Day!

Somehow, Big D and I were able to convince the Husband to take a "sick" day from work and come play with us!  Since Big D is on spring break, we needed a family day to do something fun.  So!  We went to the San Antonio Zoo!  I love that place.  And TG is at a perfect age to really enjoy it.  He really had a blast, as did the whole family!
It's so strange to me how San Antonio has all the fun in TX going on.  They've got the zoo, a big art museum, probably a regular museum (woah, I should probably check that out!), a waterpark, an amusement park and Sea World!  What??  Shouldn't all that stuff be near the capital? Capitol?  Hmmm, I should probably also check which one of those is right....OK, apparently it's capital.  But, alas, Austin is shockingly lacking in fun, family things to do.  They should really try and step it up....