Monday, February 22, 2010

Sick of Being Sick

So, here I am, up way too early.  And I've been up now for almost 2 hours.  Being sick and having a sick baby are pretty much the worst.  TG has lovingly passed on his RSV to both The Husband and I and we are suffering for it.  And TG has been waking up once a night since he got sick which only makes sleep harder to come by.  Of course, The Husband is TERRIBLE at being sick and whines and moans and complains, so that doesn't leave a lot of room for me to receive any sympathy for how lousy I feel.  As the one who also has to get up with the baby, since I'm the one with the milky boobs, it also creates a situation where The Husband gets the opportunity for more sleep.  So, I run around, sleep deprived, feeling like shit and now also harboring resentment at The Husband for getting more sleep and then COMPLAINING about how tired and sick he is.  It makes a girl want to cut someone.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Super Sicko

Oy, it has been a rough week and it's still not over!  Poor TG had his immunizations on Monday and those did not go over well.  He had a raging fever that lasted him for a couple of days, which made for a very grumpy baby.  Then he also ended up with RSV, which we're still in the throes of.
His breathing today started getting a bit wheezy, so The Husband suggested I take him into the doctor.  As the doctor listened to his breathing, he detected what he thought could possibly be pneumonia (gasp! what??) and sent us to the radiologist for x-rays.  While there, my mom called because she had seen on the news about a plane crash here in Austin.  I had been holding up fine, but, of course, when I talked to my mom, I started crying from worry.  She reassured me, having dealt with pneumonia in 4 of her own children.  So, we got the results by late afternoon and, thank goodness, it wasn't pneumonia, but that's when the doctor made the diagnosis of RSV due to the inflammation in his lungs and bronchial tubes.
Unfortunately, you can't do much for RSV but wait it out.  So, he prescribed Albuterol  and a nebulizer in case TG's coughing and wheezing become too much.  And instructed to keep an eye on his breathing and to take him to the hospital if it becomes distressed, since RSV can turn into pneumonia in small children and old people.  So, we also picked up some BabyRub from the local Wal-Mart and spent the evening worrying.  Hopefully his immune system will prove to be somewhere as close to bad ass as his sister's was at his age and he'll recover quickly.  Poor little baby!!